Pagliaccio Trattoria & Bar
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Written by Mari Smith   
Pagliaccio Trattoria & Bar

Pagliaccio like many other restaurants, has good points and not so good points. The portions were big enough to be shared, the food was tasteful and cooked just right. The staff was friendly and enthusiastic. Now to the not so good points, the meal was not warm enough or maybe the staff took too long to bring it out. Olive oil for the bread, would have been welcomed. The staff should be better educated regarding the dishes and their ingredients. The interior is well-lit and spacious, tables were a bit small,or are we too big?! 

Pagliaccio is in an excellent location, for this reason alone, I am confident that they will prosper, it is also lucky that it has the support of Kiwa Corporation and the ever-growing Marunouchi lunch crowd. We ordered the Penne with Octopus in Spicy tomato sauce, Sauteed Prawns and Mussels in Tomato sauce, these dishes come with soup and bread. The tomato sauce for the Penne was not as spicy as expected, but the tomato sauce with the Prawns was just right.

We wish Pagliaccio the best, they need help, but the foundation is strong. And remember, No Tipping, Please!!!

Pagliaccio Trattoria & Bar
1F Marunouchi Nakadori Building
2-2-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
(03) 6273-4486







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