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Charming Technology

Where would we be without our mobile phones? You will be hard pressed to find a person in Japan, young or old, who does not own a mobile or cell phone. Indeed the mobile phone has become an essential item with people carrying them on their person almost all the time. While businessmen and women use mobile phones to better organize their busy lives, young people and children are also huge users of mobile phones.

Cute Mascots

Cuteness goes a long way in Japan. Cute features prominently in Japanese popular culture from toys, entertainment, clothing and food to personal appearance, mannerisms and behaviour. This cultural trend embodies an innocence associated with childhood, which some foreign observers find juvenile. For many others though, Japanese cuteness is very intriguing.

No Tipping, Please!!

Bikini Tapa Catalan Spanish Restaurant

Bikini Tapa is just plain great, the food, atmosphere, wine and the service all combine to create a delightful experience. The Catalan cuisine at Bikini is refreshing and creative

The wine selection is very good, and reasonable. The lunch sets start at Yen 980 to Yen 1,300. There are four choices, Meat Dish, Caldoso (Paella in Broth), Fideuat (Noodle Paella) and Beef Stew.

We ordered the Meat set and Caldoso. The pork in the meat set was juicy, tender and delicious, the mint and crunchy bacon gave it a most special taste. The Caldoso was superb, light but filling.

All sets include an appetizer and small salad. (There is a small charge for soup, but we are on a budget!!!).





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